Cyber Security Expertise and Technology Innovation

Consulting and Risk Management * Implementation * Integration * Deployment of advanced/innovative technologies

The secret of the Pelican

Check out the strength of the Pelican bird: it is a multi-disciplinary animal– It can live and flourish in any environment: land, air and water – just as we in Pelican-Tech have the strength, ability and flexibility to adapt to any environment: from on-premises to cloud.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to adopt startup innovative technologies and tailor them into mass market solutions.

Our Solutions

We make cyber security accessible to any organization by providing advanced, scalable and easy-to-implement solutions.
Our unique approach to meet customer needs includes:
Comprehensive site analysis, Tailoring the best solutions and services according to customer’s present and prospect needs, Full on-premises implementation, Managed Services or hybrid solution.

Network Security

Data Security


Risk Management and Threat Analysis


CISO as a Service


Incident Response Management

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

The Art of protecting your organization with cutting-edge Startup technologies

Pelican-Tech is not only a cyber security integrator, but also a Hub for new and innovative startup technologies. Our mission is to enrich the solutions we provide our customers.

Pelican-Tech signed exclusive agreements with several leading and promising cyber security Startup companies – so that our customers will gain access to the most advanced and cutting-edge cyber security technologies.

Pelican-Tech is a market leader in adopting startup innovative technologies and tailoring them into mass market solutions.

Our Customers

Pelican-Tech protects sensitive information of all business, government, and Hi-Tech sectors, providing comprehensive cyber security services that include system implementation, ongoing monitoring, and full customer support.
Among our customers are leading companies in the financial, retail, technology, Hi-Tech, communications, and public sectors.

Partner With

Pelican-Tech partners with many global leading software solutions providers.
Our goal is to establish a complete cyber-secured environment for our customers.
Our unique solutions are always tailored to the specific requirements and needs of the customers.