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Your Infrastructure to Success

Established in 2012 by Shai Brodetzki, Pelican-Tech is a leading integration company with a team of over ten professionals. Pelican-Tech provides advanced consulting and implementation services for enterprises in the fields of information security and telecommunications, including analysis of security threats, with emphasis on the detection and prevention of cyberattacks.

Pelican-Tech has proven success in improving the efficiency of remote employees with mobile devices in environments with multiple sites, and in the implementation of safety solutions for applications in private or public clouds.

Pelican-Tech partners with IBM in a variety of advanced security solutions, among them Big Fix, Q1 Lab and GUARDIUM. The company’s solutions are tailored to the needs of o a variety of sectors in Israel, among them banks, credit-card, insurance and communications companies, Hi-Tech, the industrial sector, and more.

For the last 4 years Pelican-Tech has worked with Citrix offering its communication and security solutions to its customers. Pelican-Tech also sells software solutions of Israel startups and complementary safety solutions from global companies.

The Best Protection Is on Your Side

Pelican-Tech boasts a leading team of top-notch professionals with proven experience in the management of information security systems and complex communication networks deployed around the world. The team has expertise managing projects, providing consulting services, designing information security strategies, and executing field-proven customer implementations.

Pelican-Tech works with the leading software solutions providers in the market to provide its customers with maximum coverage and protection, always based on their specific characteristics and needs.

The company’s consultants work hand in hand with the customers through the entire process – from specification through design and selection of the most optimum solution, to implementation and tracking after project execution and launch.


Top-Notch Security Solutions

Pelican-Tech provides next-generation security solutions in a variety of areas, including:

  • Information security
  • Communications
  • Mobile Security software
  • Software infrastructure management
  • Servers and workstations hardening

The Best Protections Is Our Protection

The integration of our hands-on experience, comprehensive knowledge, readiness to always put the customer’s interest first, and our uncompromising focus on clear objectives are Pelican-Tech’s relative advantage and our top competitive edge.

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Keeping It Safe

Shai Brodetzki, CEO

Shai Brodetzki brings to Pelican-Tech over 19 years of experience in sales and business development and management skills in the Israeli market, out of which he spent 16 years in the software field. At Oracle, Shai managed the sales of enterprise applications to the telecom, media, infrastructure and financial sectors. He was also in charge of sales at Symantec for the FSI sector in Israel. Shai manages Pelican-Tech putting strong emphasizing on the business development of startups in Israel and Europe. Shai brings to the company years of expertise in different worlds of technology content, including ERP/CRM, information security, business intelligence, survivability and business continuity.


Moti Merom – Mobile Operations Director

Moti has eight years of experience managing information security projects for mobile environments, as well as technology infrastructure and virtualization projects. He was involved in projects for leading companies in Israel and overseas, including Bezeq, Tnuva, Amdocs and Bazan. Moti has accreditations from leading technology companies, among them Cisco, Citrix, Checkpoint and PaloAlto. He is an expert technology consultant and is engaged in the identification of trends in future technology markets. Previously, he was partner in the establishment of a new business operation and collaborations with several security firms around the world, and was involved in the development and implementation of new products.