About Us

Who Are We?
Established in 2012 by Shai Brodetzki, Pelican-Tech is a leading cyber security integration company. We provide advanced information security consulting and implementation services for enterprises – with flexibility and business creativity. Pelican-Tech’s services include security threats analysis with emphasis on detection and prevention of cyber attacks.
Pelican-Tech deploys leading innovative technology solutions, to provide maximum value to its customers with coverage and protection that are tailored to their industry and corporate specific needs. In the global sectors, Pelican-Tech serves the Defense and Government, Banks and Credit-card, Insurance and Investment companies, Media, Hi-Tech, Industrial, and more.
Pelican-Tech implements a variety of advanced security solutions, including Network and Data protection, Cloud security, SIEM & SOAR, Endpoint security, Risk Management and Threat Analysis. Pelican-Tech identifies network vulnerabilities and measures corporate ability to respond to security incidents. Pelican-Tech quickly adapts to changes and its goal is to ensure business continuity to its customers.
Pelican-Tech supports GRC including compliance with global and local regulations, along with technology standards.
Technology Innovation
Pelican-Tech is a leader in identifying and adopting startup innovative technologies and tailoring them into mass market solutions. The company signed exclusive agreements with several leading and promising cyber security startups as a design partner developing the next generation solutions and as a business advisor to adopt this solution’s in Israeli and EMEA markets. Pelican-Tech’s customers get access to the most advanced and cutting-edge cyber security technologies and gain value from their integration to other security products they already use. Pelican-Tech focuses on technological innovation that supports business processes to ensure business continuity.
Top-notch professionals
Pelican-Tech is a leading team of top-notch professionals with proven experience in the management of global information security systems. Pelican-Tech experts have extensive professional background in the security & defense industry and in leading global cyber security software enterprises. The team is an expert in managing projects, providing consulting services, designing information security strategies, and executing field-proven customer implementations. The company’s consultants work together with the customers throughout the entire process, starting from specification through design and selection of the best relevant solutions for implementation, to project tracking and launching.
Loyalty to customers
Pelican-Tech understands that business in done between people. Its mission is to deliver customer-centric solutions. Pelican-Tech experts support customers in moments of crisis and take part in cyber security decision-making processes. Pelican-Tech is focused on customers’ needs and preferences, creating them value and assuring them business continuity and a resilient enterprise with actionable technology to match.
Meet Our Leadership
Shai Brodetzki – Founder & CEO
Shai Brodetzki brings to Pelican-Tech over 25 years of experience in sales, business development, and management in the Israeli & European software and hardware industry.
Before Pelican-Tech, Shai was a senior sales manager at Oracle Israel, where he managed the sales of enterprise applications to the telecom, media, infrastructure, and financial sectors. He was also in charge of sales at Symantec for the FSI sector in Israel.
As Pelican-Tech’s CEO, Shai puts a strong emphasis on business development that includes startups in Israel and Europe. Shai brings to Pelican-Tech years of expertise in different worlds of technology, including ERP/CRM, information security, business intelligence, survivability, and business continuity.
Nati Shapira – CTO
Nati is a Cyber Expert in data protection and compliance with regulations such as GDPR, SOX, PCI, ISO27001.
Nati has over 25 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. He held management positions in global companies and was responsible for the implementation of new technologies, entrepreneurship and business development.
For the past 11 years after IBM acquired Guardium, Nati hold the position of Data Protection Expert at Security Expert Labs – IBM Europe. Nati has extensive experience in planning and leading cybersecurity implementation projects for large enterprises in various sectors such as telecom, banks, insurance and energy companies in Israel and Europe.

Alex Recheshter – Director of Technology and Innovation
Alex is an innovative, forward-thinking Executive and Technologist with over 24 years of experience in various leadership roles in the areas of Information Technologies and Information Security. He is an expert in strategic and tactical planning, compliance, governance, and setting the posture of Information Security for organizations.
Alex has extensive experience in IT and OT systems environments and led a variety of innovative information security projects.
Before joining Pelican-Tech, Alex was the Head of IT Systems Infrastructure and Security at Bazan Group (ORL), Israel’s largest integrated refining & petrochemicals complex. before that, he was the Head of IT Systems and Security Infrastructure at Leumit Health services.

Moti Merom – Director of Cloud & Mobile Operations
Moti has 15 years of experience in managing information security projects for mobile environments, as well as in technology infrastructure and virtualization projects.
Moti was involved in projects for leading companies in Israel and abroad, including Bezeq, Tnuva, Amdocs, and Bazan. He received accreditations from leading technology companies, such as Cisco, Citrix, Checkpoint, and PaloAlto. Moti also holds certified experts for MS Azure and vast knowledge of AWS and Google cloud.
Moti is a seasoned technology expert & consultant, and he is engaged in trends’ identification for future technology markets. Before Pelican-Tech, he established together with his partners, a new business operation and initiated collaborations with several global security firms. As part of these projects, he was involved in the development and implementation of new products.