Storage services in the network and on the cloud have become very popular. Despite their convenience, they entail many security risks. When there are security gaps, network fraudsters can take advantage of them easily, especially for targeted attacks. Pelican-Tech security solutions provide a response to this problem and pave a secure way to the cloud.

Skyfence – The Safest Way to Your Cloud

Cloud applications reduce costs and allocate resources flexibly and quickly. In an era when enterprises use more and more cloud solutions and move their applications to the cloud, the new challenge is to protect both the cloud and the applications in it.

Skyfence secures the device-to-cloud path. It automatically detects the use of any of the cloud applications, analyzes the risks, and enforces predefined controls when necessary. Skyfence provides transparency and control of the use of the cloud by users, at all endpoints and for all applications, ensuring a secure and productive cloud environment.

Siemplify – Connects All the Dots

By nature, security controls are isolated and each focuses on a different aspect of the enterprise’s protection. Endpoints, the network, mobile devices, the cloud, access control, information leaks, perimeter protection and many more are pieces in an intricate puzzle. Putting the pieces together into a single unified picture is a complex and sometimes difficult task.

Siemplify makes the process easier and provides better accessibility to information received from the various endpoints of the enterprise’s SIEM. It does so by connecting seemingly different events related to an existing user, even if they do not occur methodically. Siemplify quickly and  easily investigates each information security event, be it dangerous or not.


  • Analysis and detection of threats according to logical relationships, without having to look for the source of the data
  • Unique investigation – easy navigation through large amounts of data without writing a single query