Pelican-Tech Innovation


Pelican-Tech is a leader in identifying and adopting startup innovative technologies and tailoring them into mass market solutions.

The company signed exclusive agreements with several leading and promising cyber security startups,
as a design partner, developing the next generation solutions and as a business advisor,
to adopt this solution’s in Israeli and the EMEA markets.
Pelican-Tech’s customers get access to the most advanced and cutting-edge cyber security technologies,
and gain value from their integration to other security products they already use.

Pelican-Tech focuses on technological innovation that supports business processes to ensure business continuity.


Pelican-Tech is a leading team of top-notch professionals,
with proven experience in the management of global information security systems.
 Pelican-Tech experts have extensive professional background in the security & defense industry
and in leading global cyber security software enterprises.

 Our team is an expert in managing projects, providing consulting services, designing information security strategies,
and executing field-proven customer implementations.

The company’s consultants work together with the customers throughout the entire process,
 starting from specification through design and selection of the best relevant solutions for implementation,
to project tracking and launching.


We work with people.
Our mission is to provide our customers with enhanced solutions against current and future threats.
To achieve this, we partnered wuth several leading cyber security startup companies.
 Pelican-Tech experts support customers in moments of crisis and take part in cyber security decision-making processes.
 Pelican-Tech is focused on customers’ needs and preferences,
creating them value and assuring them business continuity and a resilient enterprise with actionable technology to match.