Risk Management and Threat Analysis

HCL BigFix Life Cycle and Compliance

Ensuring continuous compliance of security and regulatory policies

BigFix Compliance continuously enforces configuration compliance with thousands of out-of-the-box security checks aligned with industry-standard security benchmarks. Plus, it delivers advanced vulnerability posture reporting for remediation prioritization.

BigFix Compliance enables automated, highly targeted processes that provide control, visibility, and speed to affect change and report on compliance.

Possessing a near real-time, organization- wide analysis, and action tool such as BigFix is indispensable when responding to advanced zero-day threats. With BigFix, the remediation cycles are short and fast, which enables an industry- leading, rapid-response capability for addressing malware and security exposures.

IronScales Anti Phishing

Next Gen. Anti Phishing Platform

Enter IRONSCALES, a comprehensive, people-powered email security platform. Now you can defend against the full spectrum of phishing threats when and where they are most likely to cause damage – at the mailbox level.

IRONSCALES help customers leverage more people and expertise against threats than any other solution, based on how we structure our decentralized intelligence and AI-powered incident response and remediation.

IRONSCALES offer customers The Power of Now with a single, unified email security platform that combines multiple point solutions into one. IRONSCALES self-learning system helps where your email security is most at risk by providing pre and post-delivery prevention, detection and remediation.

Cymulate Security validation platform

Continuous Security Validation Across the Full Kill Chain

Cymulate tests the strength of your security by simulating real cyber attacks across all attack vectors based on MITRE ATT&CK™. That way you can protect yourself from threats before they ever show up.

Get a Cymulate Risk Score and a clear report that details your up-to-the-moment security posture. Cymulate uses proven methodologies to evaluate cyber risk such as NIST, CVSS V3, and Microsoft DREAD.

Stay one step ahead of the game. Cymulate gives you direct instructions to reduce your attack surface, and makes it easy to prioritize which gaps to close first.

No delays. No learning curves. Just download a single agent, run simulated attacks as often as you’d like, and in minutes get a detailed report with your security gaps and mitigation tips.