The idiom ‘opportunity makes a thief’ gains significance when it comes to securing enterprise networks. Today, this is the main concern of organizations, due to the high incidence of threats (Internet worms, viruses, phishing and more), which may cause grave and irreversible damage.

The idea is to neutralize most threats simply by preventing their penetration into the enterprise systems in advance. This is done successfully by the range of solutions offered by Pelican-Tech.

QRadar – Be Secure!

Cyberattacks are the number one external threat to the enterprise. However, they can also come from within the organization, through any employee or service provider with access to the network. IBM Security QRadar SIEM is the leading SIEM solution in its field for the early detection of security breaches. It exposes threats in real time while monitoring network traffic.

QRadar receives and processes events, network traffic and logs from enterprise systems, including applications, IT systems, firewalls and other information security systems. QRadar detects threats and responds to them by activating an automatic mechanism that blocks them and displays them in an easy-to-use user interface.


  • Multilayered protection to detects failures in information security before they happen
  • Detection of sophisticated and advanced threats and protection against malicious software
  • Intuitive system operator interface
  • Prevention of information leaks, opening of back doors, attacks by Trojan horses, malicious code and more
  • Threat intelligence against sophisticated attacks

IBM Guardium

IBM® Security Guardium® is designed to safeguard critical data, wherever it resides. This comprehensive data protection platform empowers security teams to automatically analyze what is happening across the data environment to help minimize risk, protect sensitive data from internal and external threats, and seamlessly adapt to changes that affect data security.

IBM Security solutions for data security and protection include:

IBM Security Guardium Vulnerability Assessment                                                                   

Scan and detect vulnerabilities on a scheduled basis.

IBM Security Guardium Activity Monitor for Files

Continuously monitor unstructured data access and protect sensitive data across the enterprise.

IBM Security Guardium Data Activity Monitor

Monitor access to databases and automate compliance controls.

IBM Security Guardium Express Activity Monitor for Databases

Streamline compliance and rapidly improve database security

IBM Security Guardium for Applications

Secure web application data to protect privacy and support compliance

IBM Security Data Privacy for Hadoop

Monitor and mask confidential information within Hadoop to protect privacy,\


ForeScout – The Network’s Keeper

ForeScout can be compared to real life – it is the keeper or guard that stands at the entrance to the enterprise network, monitoring any attempt to come in, and approving or rejecting entry.

ForeScout is a leading provider of real-time network security monitoring solutions. On the one hand, its unique solution prevents penetration of unauthorized devices into the enterprise network (including mobile phones, Flash disks, laptops or tablets); on the other, it increases productivity and connectivity by enabling employees to access the network’s resources at any time and in any manner they choose, without risking security.

ForeScout’s system is installed in most Fortune 1000 companies and government institutions in Israel and worldwide.

AppScan – Be Prepared

IBM Security AppScan helps developers scan the applications under development, look for vulnerabilities in the code, and detect problematic errors introduced into the system.

AppScan enables enterprises to assess their level of information security and comply with the organization’s requirements by detecting vulnerabilities and generating reports with recommendations for resolution.

By implementing AppScan already at the development phase, companies save costs and repair time before production, and detect vulnerabilities and penetration threats on time. As opposed to other solutions, which verify the code only after compilation, AppScan checks it both before and after compilation.