Security Solutions for Mobile

In today’s business arena, where smartphones, laptops, tablets and Flash disks help people work, companies face ever-growing security challenges and risks. One minute the laptop is connected to home network, the next it is connected to the enterprise’s network. Fatal viruses, leaks of confidential data, worms or Trojan horses are only a fraction of the dangers that lurk in the cyber environment. The challenge, therefore, is to provide employees with secure access to the enterprise’s systems, from anywhere, via any device or channel, using robust, advanced and reliable information security solutions.

NetScaler – Working Safely from Anywhere

NetScaler offers secure access from anywhere and any device, converting the enterprise data center into a more secure and accessible center for all company employees while maintaining load balancing.

NetScaler ensures high performance, availability, data security and SLAs for each user, regardless of their physical location and access method.


  • Application delivery with advanced load balancing – exposes enterprise applications to end users while applying advanced load balancing.
  • NetScaler 24-7 load balancing – 100% availability of all applications and services while improving the efficiency of servers and network resources. The acceleration capabilities of NetScaler, such as content compression, cache and TCP optimization, improve the user experience, optimize applications and offer faster response times.
  • Next-generation security – NetScaler secures applications and networks against a wide range of threats and attacks, and prevents leaks of confidential data. With VPN SSL and SLL capabilities, NetScaler protects sensitive communications.
  • Citrix TriScale – this technology enables to implement the flexibility of cloud solutions in enterprise networks by building enterprise cloud networks that can increase performance up to five times, expand capacity up to 32 times and operation up to 40 appliances in a single platform

XenMobile – Complete Management of All Mobile Devices

XenMobile is a secure tool that monitors applications and devices, enhancing user productivity by complying with the enterprise’s security requirements. It supports the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) work concept, offering both users and network managers full coverage to protect devices and access to applications (mobile device management, MDM) securely, and in a single solution.

XenMobile also provides mobile application management (MAM), and fastest path to productivity for mobile users while keeping costs low.


  • Secure access to enterprise applications
  • Native access to email and browser
  • Flexibility to select mobile devices

XenDesktop – Complete Solution for Desktops and Virtual Access

The role of IT in any organization is to support the requirements of users and ensure secure access to the desktop anytime, anywhere.

XenDesktop helps maintain the user’s environment in a virtual server and not in the office desktop itself. This enables users to access data from anywhere, improves efficiency during hardware malfunctions and installs software updates transparently. Data is stored in a central data center, which is backed up reliably, offers better accessibility to information from any device, anytime and anywhere.