What We Do?

One of the main challenges that many organizations face today
 is not which products to buy, but how to implement security products
 you have already purchased and how to optimally use them.

How we do it:

CISO as a Service

  • Risk Assessments (Mapping business processes and identifying risks).
  • Risk management.
  • Compliance auditing – information security governance Security policies.
  • Operation procedures.
  • Effective change control & Compliance with regulations.
  • Implementation of industry standards such as: GDPR, SOX, ISO27001, PCI-DSS.
  • Cloud security assessments.

Security Consulting

  • Assessment of possible security threats and breaches.
  • Technological review.
  • Security design and architecture.
  • End-to-end project management.
  • Tasks implementation as defined in strategic & business plans.


Incident Response Management (IR)

  • Staff / team training and practicing responses.
  • Awareness Intrusion investigation Forensic auditing.
  • Quantification and root cause analysis.

Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

  • Internal tests performance.
  • Penetration and vulnerability Testing.

Pelican-Tech system Health Check

  • Health check Services provide a technical assessment of your computing environment and are designed to identify the security, performance, configuration, and availability problems of your system before they might affect your critical operations.
  • An analysis report and recommendations based on Pelican-Tech system management practices are provided immediately after the health check.
  • An advisory consultation to review the findings and recommendations is available when you purchase System Health check Remote Services.

DPO as a Service

The supervisor is responsible for the entire life cycle of the information processing processes in the
organization to ensure that this activity is carried out in a way that reduces the risks:
• Supervision of conducting a privacy risk survey and monitoring the implementation of the
• Handling complaints concerning the transfer of personal information and the violation of privacy,
including requests to review the information or correct it.
• Preparation of a work plan for the implementation and supervision of compliance with the regulations
and regulations.
• Investigating violations of provisions of the law. (Reporting to the organization’s senior management
on the findings of the supervision, inspection and investigation actions he performed

• Submitting to the management and the board of directors the status of the company’s activity
regarding privacy.
• Guidance of the information security officer in the CISO organization on issues related to privacy

SOC As A Service

  • Develop Security Operation Center strategy, procedures and guidelines
  • Design the SOC (physical, conceptual), create processes, procedures, and training
  • Implement a SIEM system, with tailor-made correlation rules for your organization
  • Develop, maintain and mature the SIEM solution
  • Recruit and train your SOC team (T1-3)


  • Use our Managed SOC solution: we do all of the above, detect and respond and forensically investigate threats for you, 24/7


SDLC (Secure Software Development Life Cycle) Consulting

Pelican-tech provides full support at all levels and stages of the development lifecycle to help our customers achieve the right security level of their products.

  1. Understand the current gaps in secure development
  2. Implementation of secure development methods.
  3. Secure development guidelines
  4. Consultation during planning phase and performance of design review
  5. Performing code review during writing of the code
  6. Penetration testing at the end of the development process
  7. Security training for developers


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